The Key to Lidice – A Celebration of Friendship Between Nations – 2017

British Ambassador Jan Thompson Receives The Key To Lidice From Lidice Mayor, Veronika Kellerova - May 27Th 2017
British Ambassador Jan Thompson receives the Key to Lidice from Lidice Mayor Veronika Kellerova

On Saturday, May 27th, 2017, the Mayor of Lidice, Veronika Kellerová, presented three keys in a special ceremony:

One to Czech President Miloš Zeman, the second to Jan Thompson, British Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and a third to US Charge D’affaires, Kelly Adams-Smith. A Lidice rose was also awarded to the Russian Ambassador for acknowledging the building of the first memorial on the mass grave of the men of Lidice by liberating Soviet forces.

Thompson recalled the activities of Sir Barnett Stross,

“the British doctor and politician who led the Lidice Shall Live campaign. Stross pushed through the idea of the Friendship and Peace Rose Garden in Lidice”, she said.

The photo shows Jan Thompson left, Mayor Kellerová centre, and Deputy Mayor Tomáš Skála to the right.

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