The Far Off Village – A Poem about Lidice by Mazo de la Roche – 1942-1944

The Lights Of Lidice - Candles Lit Across The Memorial Grounds At The Sites Of Former Homes And Buildings Of The Old Village Of Lidice
The Lights of Lidice is an annual event in Lidice that involves the placing of candles on the sites of homes and buildings across the former village.

We had not heard your name, Lidice,
Till your heart’s blood was shed ;
You had no fame to reach us,
Till your boys and girls were dead.

There is no marriage in Lidice,
There is no love or birth,
There is no drilling in the mines,
No ploughing of the earth.

But now we know your name, Lidice,
We see you from afar,
Not as a village lost in death
But as a guiding star.

MAZO DE LA ROCHE 1942 – 1944

Mazo De La Roche, Canadian Writer - 1935
Mazo de la Roche, Canadian writer – 1935

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