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Launching Lidice Shall Live – an account:Launching Lidice Shall Live – an account:

Reporting about the launch of the Lidice Shall Live movement the day before, the Stoke-on-Trent Evening Sentinel wrote: The Victoria Hall has been the scene of many noteworthy gatherings and many famous people have spoken from its platform. But never has the hall held an assembly so remarkable in its significance...

“We say this village shall be re-modelled and rebuilt!”“We say this village shall be re-modelled and rebuilt!”

The “Lidice Shall Live” scheme envisioned by Dr Barnett Stross and the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation gained clear support from the Midlands Miners’ Federation. George Jones, the Midlands Miners’ Secretary from the Warwickshire branch, put the Lidice Shall Live proposal forward as a suggestion on behalf of his members on