A British Lidice – The Silent Village by Humphrey Jennings 1943

In August 1942, having received consent from the President of the Mineworkers’ Federation of Great Britain, Will Lawther, at their Conference in July, the British Crown Film Unit began scanning the country’s coalfields looking for a location to create a propaganda film based on the Lidice atrocity.

The Englishman – A Poem by Richard Church – 1942

Wake! Wake, my brother, touch the wall,Touch the hard world, break from your sleep.Outside your dream the ominous footsteps fall.Outside your door the victims weep.The monster prowls; I hear it pauseOn England’s threshold, I hear its clawsSplinter the eastern cliff. I see our neighbours’ households! One by oneThe fangs have fastened on them, drunkThe old,…

Hanley: A Garden of International Peace and Friendship – Legacy 2017 –

“Its concept is based around the vision, compassion, and steadfastness of Sir Barnett Stross, embracing the strength and determination of the mining community. As I came to reflect on Lidice, it seemed remarkably easy to create symbolism and reflect Stoke’s situation: Stoke-on-Trent had just experienced a massive shock with the Sneyd Pit Disaster, for example.”