Lidice Shall Live – Hanley Town Hall to Park Parade – Sept 6th 1942

The meeting that launched the Lidice Shall Live movement was preceded by a colourful pageant organised by Dr Barnett Stross. It assembled outside Hanley Town Hall in the morning:

“Our most memorable occasion was to be part of a large parade in support of the victims of the Lidice massacre organised by our local MP Dr Barnett Stross. The parade gathered outside Hanley Town Hall, down Cheapside and along Bagnall Street and consisted of Army, Navy and Air Force cadets, the A.R.P, W.V.S., Salvation Army and the British Legion and us.”

Hanley Town Hall On The 6Th September 1942, With Czech Flag Flying At Half Mast, The Day Of The Launch Of The Lidice Shall Live Movement.
Hanley Town Hall on the 6th September 1942

The parade was to leave the square and go down Albion Street to end at Hanley Park for a rally. There were several bands set to play at various times. Marching bands led the way as the procession made its way down through Piccadilly, onto Stoke Road, and along Park Avenue.

“…our turn came quite early halfway down Broad Street. We were so anxious to make the biggest possible noise ever that in our enthusiasm we lost the sound of the big drum and our tempo. Consequently, as we got louder, we got faster, and Peter broke a drumstick, but quickly reached behind and took one off a boy playing a kettle drum.

Confusion reigned for a while and the parade behind us nearly broke into a trot. We were eventually stopped but nevertheless, we were satisfied that the Tinkersclough Lads Brigade had given a good account of themselves.”

Don Barnes, a Shelton lad.

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