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Commemorating Lidice in US Czechoslovak CommunitiesCommemorating Lidice in US Czechoslovak Communities

News of Lidice severely impacted the American Czechoslovak communities. Many locals could remember the village of Lidice from the days of their youth or as the home of some friend or relative. Residents decided they needed to take action to commemorate fellow citizens sacrificed “on the altar of freedom.”

12th July 1942, Stern Park Gardens – Lidice Illinois12th July 1942, Stern Park Gardens – Lidice Illinois

The first activities of the US Lidice Lives committee would focus on a small community called Stern Park Gardens, found on the outskirts of Joliet, Illinois. Merely two weeks following the disaster which befell the citizens of Lidice, the Chicago Sun magazine had an idea. It approached the Czechoslovak community

Lidice Lives and the Writers’ War BoardLidice Lives and the Writers’ War Board

The idea for a production line of professional writers, who would create high-quality propaganda to ensure America’s war effort remained resilient during the years of conflict ahead was initially proposed by Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., who agreed to an initiative to seek civilian writers to help promote the

Reactions to Lidice from leading statesmen in the USReactions to Lidice from leading statesmen in the US

News of the terrible happenings in Lidice provoked a wave of moral indignation across the United States. Czechoslovak Foreign Minister and Vice President-in-exile, Jan Masaryk, was the first statesman to speak out publicly about the devastation which had taken place, when he spoke from his home in Washington on Friday,