Author: Alan Gerrard

I am the Co-Director of Theartbay Gallery and Fine Art Publishing—a community-focused exhibition space functioning in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, UK. A trustee on today’s Staffordshire-based Lidice Lives organisation, I have co-operated on bilateral projects with friends and colleagues in Lidice and the wider Czechia for 12 years in the name of cultural awareness and understanding. I began working in the pottery industry in the 1980s, before changing vocation in 1990. I am fully experienced and conversant in the fields of teaching, economics, and governance; and have recently published the book The Path to Lidice, the respective stories of the Lidice Shall Live and Lidice Lives campaigns.

Arthur Baddeley, of the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation.Arthur Baddeley, of the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation.

Arthur Baddeley, an employee of the Chatterley Whitfield Collieries, was appointed “Organiser” to the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation at the monthly meeting of the District Council held at the Miners’ Hall, Moorland Road on the afternoon of Monday September the 29th 1930. Members selected him from a list of fourteen nominees submitted