Lord Mayor Creates Nottingham Lidice Shall Live Committee – 1943

A certified locomotive driver and a gifted poet, Colonel David Bourner was a prominent local figure around Nottingham. It was his keen interest in the welfare of the Czechoslovak state and its people, which prompted him to become Chairman of the Nottingham “Lidice Shall Live” committee.

Arthur Baddeley – North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation – Unsung Hero 1942

Arthur Baddeley is closely linked to the Lidice Shall Live campaign, having been President of the Federation at the movement’s inception. Of the Lidice atrocity, he said, “Though it has been totally destroyed, and our brother miners have been murdered, and the women and children battered and brutally treated by the Nazis, we say this village shall be remodelled and rebuilt, and the people shall rise and live again in a new spirit of fellowship and brotherhood.

Lidice Shall Live: A Story of the Victory of Good Over Evil That Has to be Told – 2010

The intention of Hitler to blast the name of Lidice from the face of the earth was a conscious failure. News of the crime shocked the world, particularly in Britain, from where the assassins of Reinhard Heydrich had originally set out. The mining village of Stoke-on-Trent in the English Midlands began the British Lidice Shall Live committee and implemented plans to rebuild the village as a model mining community.