North Staffordshire Miners – A State of Readiness – Sept 1942

Dr Stross’s moving appeal for the rebuilding of Lidice captured the hearts and minds of the miners and the wider public of North Staffordshire. He praised and encouraged the miners, saying that the appeal, the first in the country, was being taken up by all sections of society. Considering events, he requested the miners emulate their earlier efforts to assist Spain and Russia.

Dr Barnett Stross Campaigning For Spain At Victoria Hall In Support Of The Democratically Elected Spanish Government
Dr Barnett Stross was an experienced campaigner against fascism long before tragedy struck the village of Lidice

From the kernel of their Chartist roots, the fundamental principles of all trade unions were the struggles for social justice, particularly relevant for the miners and the working conditions they endured: the ever-present threat of mortal wounding or even sudden death.

The early 20th-century executive of the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation followed a creative “moral force” manifesto for its members, which saw the provision of new cottages for its members, social clubs, sports grounds, and facilities for workers, aid to international causes, aid for national causes, and local charitable causes, as well as funds to support dependent families following pit disasters and the hosting of events relevant to the local, regional, and national ‘Federation.

Much of the aforementioned was achieved in the spirit of moral force through leading by example and successfully inviting colliery owners to contribute. It was a strategy that would be employed in the creation and prosecution of the Lidice Shall Live campaign.

Dr Barnett Stross And The Miners Executive Inspired Colleagues To Support The Lidice Shall Live Campaign At The North Staffordshire Miners' Hall, Located At The Junction Of Park Road And Moorland Road, Burslem.
The former Miners’ Hall is located at the junction of Park Road and Moorland Road, Burslem.

At the Miners’ Hall, Burslem, on Friday, September 4th, the executive of the North Staffordshire Miners’ Federation declared:

5. That our District Secretary, along with the Trustees, pay over to the “Lidice shall Live” fund the sum of £1,250 out of the funds of our Federation.


That we approve and appreciate the efforts made by the Committee and Members of the Deep Pits Branch to provide a Guard of Honour for the meeting at Hanley on September 6th, and:

7. That we thank the Management of the Shelton Deep Pits for the provision of Helmets and Cap Lamps for the occasion, and that we arrange for a number of our present delegates to make up the number for the Guard of Honour.

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