Day: 20 June 2022

Reactions to Lidice from leading statesmen in the USReactions to Lidice from leading statesmen in the US

News of the terrible happenings in Lidice provoked a wave of moral indignation across the United States. Czechoslovak Foreign Minister and Vice President-in-exile, Jan Masaryk, was the first statesman to speak out publicly about the devastation which had taken place, when he spoke from his home in Washington on Friday,

Moral Re-Armament & The Forgotten FactorMoral Re-Armament & The Forgotten Factor

On Sunday, June the 20th, 1948, something significant happened at Victoria Hall, the birthplace of the Lidice Shall Live campaign. The event typified the change in direction the nation was taking. A mere three years prior, the flags of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union were warmly embraced in the auditorium. Now their