The Path to Lidice – Alan Gerrard

Lidice days before the Nazis came.

Making full use of the historical and archive sources available, The Path to Lidice creates a sharpened image of the political and social mood in Britain, Czechoslovakia, and America, from the time of the rise of the Sudeten German Party in 1936, to 1968 and the Prague Spring.

For years, regards these grassroots movements, several significant questions have required more serious examination, such as – Who were the significant characters in the campaigns to rebuild Lidice? How did the movements come about in the first place? How were they managed and coordinated? What kept them alive post-war, when the tides of political expeditiousness had turned?

The Path to Lidice provides some answers to these and many other questions at last.

This book honours the thousands of people of all nationalities across the United States, Britain, Europe, the Western Hemisphere, and beyond, yet to be thoroughly acknowledged for the part they played to help Lidice live again. It remembers the victims of atrocity in all its forms, and at all levels, everywhere.

Features contributions from the Lidice Lives organisation, the Lidice Memory association, the Lidice Memorial, and other international friends and associates, relatives of the campaigners, as well as contemporary international artists. #ThePathtoLidice

For more information about Lidice and the campaigns to resurrect the village, read The Path to Lidice today, available on all Amazon platforms, in hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats

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