The Legacy Sculpture

Working with internationally renowned sculptor Carl Payne, Lidice Lives is creating a three-part installation entitled “LEGACY” as the centrepiece for the land at Morley Street in Hanley – which is to be turned into a garden celebrating the concepts of rebirth and the values of friendship, empathy and cooperation

“Squeeze” of the sculpture “LEGACY”

Says Carl “Its concept is based around the vision, compassion and steadfastness of Sir Barnett Stross, embracing the strength and determination of the mining community. As I came to reflect on Lidice, it seemed remarkably easy to create symbolism and reflect Stoke’s situation: Stoke-on-Trent had just experienced a massive shock with the Sneyd Pit Disaster, for example…”

Carl Payne

“The Legacy sculpture will provide the centrepiece from which the rest of the garden will flow, and the central hope is there’ll be donations from communities who share an association with Lidice and therefore an interest in promoting peace and friendship. Already the community of Lidice has promised to send a piece of civic artwork.” Alan Gerrard – Lidice Lives

Alan Gerrard

A decade ago the words “Lidice” and “Stross” meant nothing to the vast majority of people in Stoke-on-Trent. Now the significance of these inspirational names is being taught around the city and surrounding areas, directly in schools and more subliminally in the form of public art and bilateral international community projects.

For example, The Messenger of Hope is a graft from the Lidice Pear Tree, the only witness to the horrors of the 10th June 1942 to survive to this day, and The Unearthed Sculpture features miners tags, each with the initials of a contributor who has promised to share the inspirational story.

Cheryl Gerrard and Cllr Ross Irving

Unfortunately, earlier this year Carl passed away, suddenly. Out of a mark of respect for Carl and his family, the project has been put into a state of hiatus. When the project resumes and finally completes the results will stand as a testament to his work, vision and sensibilities, which we know spliced so seamlessly with ours.

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